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What Is a GripIt®?

We are a UK based drywall anchor company, manufactured in Britain and are The World’s Ultimate Plasterboard Fixings on the market. When GripIt® was launched on the market in 2012 it provided an instantly popular and winning solution to an enduring problem. Large stores, tradespeople and DIYers welcomed this simple method of wall hanging on drywall because of its ease of use, high performance and convenience – and because it instantly trumped all other similar products on the market.

But the story behind this seemingly simple product – and the future ahead of it –demonstrates great innovation, problem-solving and strength, in both the product and the people behind it.


Which colour GripIt® do I need?

plasterboard fixings for tv, radiator, mirror, curtain rail and blind

The four different colours represent each GripIt® size which can hold different weights in drywall. Please visit our DIY Page to help you find the correct anchor.

So Easy Just…


Use positioning shown above for correct anchor.
Open the GripIt® wings using the quick-fix slot provided. GripIt’s® are also re-useable: simply turn wing screws to release & remove.
All GripIts® are sold with the recommended screws.

Weights and Loads

The incredible loading capabilities of GripIt® are derived from a unique combination of mechanical innovation and physical engineering. Each component is designed to work in harmony to create the most effective anchor anchoring device on the market today.

* Independently tested on 15mm drywall.

Note: GripIt® are designed to accept screws of various lengths provided that the tip of the screw, when fully inserted, does not make contact with solid material within the wall space. To determine the maximum length of screws, measure the thickness of the item to be secured to the wall and then add a minimum of 15 to 20mm for GripIt® threading.